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spc11 wrote:

Hello everyone

I am now gearing up for the application due on 15th Oct.

I am considering consultants but I want to understand whether its a good idea to be self sufficient in essay writing or take the external help. What ate risks in both the cases.

I can see that I may not come up with the best draft, but I can surely take help from friends with good hold on story building. At the same time they do not have exp of writing for these institutes.

I fear if I take a consultant's help, the resume and essay may sound too perfect to be true.

Does that affect the interview call??

Please guide me.

Thanks a ton!

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Both the approaches are legitimate.

A consultant can be your bouncing board for essay story ideas- having seen so many applications, consultants know what are done to death stories and which of your personality characteristics can help you stand out. Same goes for putting logic and structure to your career goals.

When you are writing your essays, its good to get expert opinion, because most applicants are not able to view a situation with the depth that a consultant can prod them to view it, and come up with impressive insights.

In my experience of 7+ years, this is where we have helped our applicants the most.

And your application is meant to be perfect- whether you write it yourself or take a consultant's help - that's the standard expected by any top business school, so no brownie points for imperfections in the application.

Eventually, the best way to know is by talking to consultants and understanding what value will they add. Feel free to contact us.

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ISB Essay Sample 1

Please give three reasons why ISB should admit you into the class of 2010. These reasons should ideally differentiate you from your competition. 

As a 10-year-old, I once stood third in annual solo dance competition at School. While the success did bring in a feeling of elation, my father who has always been a go-getter remarked “You should now aim for #1. Keep aiming higher and always be among the best of the best in whatever you do”. I have lived by the statement ever since. As a student, I have excelled in State-level (H.S.C, Rank 40th), University level (M.Com, Rank 2nd) and All-India level (C.A, Rank 47th) examinations. As a finance professional, I started from elementary taxation and accounting roles and now actuate more than US$ 10 Million in corporate fundings for clients at ABC. Awarded twice at work, I have also excelled in other spheres – in social service (Rotary Organization) and in extra-curriculars. Read More of this ISB Essay on competitive differentiation

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You are contesting the election to be the President of the ISB Student Body. Write a speech you will deliver to the student body on why they should elect you as the President?

Fellow-students, it is my pleasure to be a part of the distinguished ISB student community and bring forth my ideas for the ISB Student Body. I have always believed in the power of “collective passion and commitment” – an extra-ordinary force that comes to life when people collectively commit to and move towards a vision. As a manager with ABC Inc. Corporate Financing Division, I was told that my newly formed team of ##, would barely reach a ### Crore sales target. My “Newbie” team did ### Crores and created a record as yet unbroken. We took it up as a challenge and actually enjoyed every moment of it. Read More of ISB student body speech essay

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Where do you see yourself 3 years down the line after graduating from ISB

My career goals evolved right during my schooling years when my father would mentor me towards (a) developing as an all-rounder and (b) investing time to know what I was best at. The multi-tasking developed a certain degree of mental discipline; I was also quick to realize my passion for software technology and developed expertise in software languages (C++ and Java). After graduating with Rank #5, I have developed computer software for achieving a range of business goals – be it cost savings or productivity or competitive advantage. I have learnt to work with and lead teams and have innovatively re-aligned processes/workflow for swift execution. Read More of this ISB Career Goals Essay

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I believe that the current stand-off related to the Zumba River Dam Project is due to a Win-Loose situation. The resistance movements (tribals and environmentalists) foresee an environmental damage and destabilization of life – which is a “loss” for them. Unless the other side does not sense a “win”, it will lead to a “loose-loose” situation whereby the project would have to be terminated. Read more of this special topic MBA Essay





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