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Math Quiz is a unique online service offering maths tests with detailed solutions to the questions. Tests available on the platform comprehensively cover the topics specified in the National Curriculum for mathematics.

Math Quiz was specially designed for individuals looking to develop their knowledge and skills in mathematics. The service provides an easy and comfortable maths revision experience.

It is our pleasure to invite you to check out the inspiring features which Math Quiz offers to its users.

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New School Year 2016/2017

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Ready for progress in Maths learning?

Math Quiz presents a new fascinating and effective testing tool.

Say ‘NO’ to problems with Maths and use maximum opportunities to achieve best results with a Progress Line.

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HegartyMaths has made a huge difference. In just a few months our year 11s have logged many hundreds of hours on the site and answered over 50, 000 questions. We have used it successfully for flip learning, lessons in computer rooms and for homework. The best part is the feedback facility. Students write a response when they get a question wrong and teachers can respond individually to correct them. Tasks can be set for whole classes, groups or individuals, perfect for targeting revision and personalised learning. A fantastic resource for all schools and all year groups.

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Some people dream of climbing Everest or swimming the channel - I just wanted to reassure myself that maths was not a mystery and, with your help, it no longer is!

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