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Every year, after our daily Education Screenings, we ask the attending students to write an essay about the films they saw, and select a winner and runner-up. Posted below are the unedited winning and runner-up essays from our 1st-3rd Grade students. Check back Tuesday for our 4th-6th grade-level winners!

WINNER 1st-3rd: Salem

In the Milwaukee theater of 8 shows, I liked all but my favorite one was Driven because he was the first African American to do NASCAR. In the beginning he had 2 sons to help him. Whenever he got hurt he just put grease and didn’t give up. In the first race the white people cheated because he was black and they put him in third place. Whenever he needed his sons they couldn’t play. I also liked it because it was real. The dad was a really hard worker to try to win races. In the last race the dad said he had pain but he kept trying. I liked the Milwaukee Film Festival.

By Salem Cardenas

RUNNER-UP 1st-3rd: Isabella

I went to the Milwaukee Film Fest. I saw 8 films. One was called Penelope in the Treehouse. I liked Penelope in the Treehouse because it was sad but at the same time it can relate to some people that have a stepmother or stepfather and maybe even step sisters and maybe stepbrother. I enjoyed the part where Penelope and her mother were eating dinner and watching T.V. It was cute. I also liked when she opened her birthday present and found a pot with green peas in it. So she put some Grow Kwik in it and it grew and grew down and around the tree and she walked down. I loved the part where she gets home and is with her family because it reminds me how wonderful my family is. I loved the Milwaukee Film Fest.

By Isabella Martinez

Congratulations, Salem and Isabella!

Milwaukee Film’s Education Screenings are presented by Brewers Community Foundation, Inc. and the Herzfeld Foundation, with additional support from Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Carl and Lora Otjen Family Fund, and the Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation. 

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