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Athens V.Sparta Compare/Contrast Essay

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Athens vs. Sparta
Ancient Greece was comprised of small city-states, of which Sparta and Athens were two. Athens was renowned as a center of wisdom and learning. The people of Athens were interested in arts, music, and intellectual pursuits. Sparta, on the other hand, was recognized for its military strength. A Spartan's life was centered on the state, because he lived and died to serve the state. Although the competing city-states of Sparta and Athens were individually different as well as governmentally diverse, they both managed to become dominating powers in Ancient Greece. Athens became a democracy under the rule of Solon in 594 B.C. In addition to eliminating serfdom, Solon altered the stringent laws of a previous ruler,…show more content…

He did not retire until age sixty.
On the contrary, in the Athenian military, a soldier's rank was decided by his social or economic status before he entered the army. Instituted by Solon in the sixth century B.C., four classes made up the Athenian social ladder. Defined by income, each class had a certain measure of political responsibility. The wealthiest class supplied the army with leaders. Called the hippeis or "horsemen,” the second class made up the Athenian cavalry. The third class, called the zeugitai, made up the foot soldier, or hoplite section of the army. Finally, the poorest class, called the thetes, served either as oarsmen for the Athenian fleet, or as archers on land. In addition, while Spartan soldiers trained for thirteen years, Athenian soldiers only trained for two years. Thus, while Spartan military rank was determined by a person's performance after entering the army, the soldier’s social class predetermined Athenian military status.
Unlike their husbands, Athenian women were forced to stay indoors at all times. They were controlled by their fathers through childhood and by their husbands after marriage. Mostly uneducated, except for learning how to read, they spent their time managing the household and slaves. They were only allowed to leave the house to attend certain religious festivals.
In contrast with Athenian women, Spartan women led a free life and

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Athens Vs. Sparta Compare And Contrast The Two Cities Of Ancient Greece

Greece a country united by its name, but divided by its ways. Although Sparta and Athens were both Greek cities, their societies were different. Sparta was focused on having a perfect military, whereas Athenian daily life revolved learning and knowledge. When Spartan boys were being trained for an army, Athenian boys were being trained for life.

Sparta was a city-state based on strict military ruling. Lives of Spartans revolved around military. The education given was meant to create Spartans into soldiers. Not only were the Spartans raised to be military-minded, but they were also expected to be a disciplined marching army. The strict rules of the government made it so that every Spartan was to be physically fit. Those rules would be easier to deal with than some of the other laws that were firmly instituted. Such as, when a baby was born, Spartan soldiers came to see if the baby was healthy. If the baby did not seem to be healthy and strong, then the infant would be taken away and left to die on a hillside. The baby would be left to die, but if the baby was not taken away to die, then the infant would be trained to be slave (or helot). Now, if an infant was found to be perfectly healthy, then the child was assigned a brotherhood or sisterhood. They were usually assigned to the same one as their mother or father.

Schooling in Sparta started at age six or seven. The children were not well fed and the boys were taught to steal food. When they stole food, they could not get caught, for if they were caught, there were great consequences. There was an anecdote that speaks of a boy who stole a fox because he wanted to cook and eat it. Then, as two Spartan soldiers came near, he shoved the fox beneath his...

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