Printable Homework Punch Cards

Make homework a little more exciting聽with these darling聽Homework Punch Card Bookmarks!

Getting homework done around here can sometimes be a chore. Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes said tears are not from the kids. 馃槈 ASometimes it can get frustrating. And sometimes, we all just need a little motivation. Therefore, I decided to create these聽Homework Punch Card Bookmarks.

But let me tell you about the inspiration behind them:


These books are built on a simple concept鈥攂orrowing the notes from the smartest kid in class. There are five books in all, and each is the only book you need for each main subject taught in middle school: Math, Science, American History, English Language Arts, and World History. Inside you聽will find every subject鈥檚 key concepts, easily digested and summarized: Critical ideas highlighted in neon colors. Definitions explained. Doodles that illuminate tricky concepts in marker. Mnemonics for memorable shortcuts. And quizzes to recap it all.

But best of all? My 13 yr old LOVES them.

They have a ‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid’ feel to them, and he can’t get enough. After receiving these聽books, he took them into his room and started reading immediately. 聽And this is HUGE.

Because my son has high functioning autism.

Getting him to do homework is hard. Getting him to love and understand it is even harder. But these books? I’m having him do a couple pages on top of normal homework, and he doesn’t complain. He asks to do them. I’m an official fan.

And if you’re wondering, The BIG FAT NOTEBOOKS meet Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and state history standards, and are vetted by National and State Teacher of the Year Award鈥搘inning teachers. They make learning fun and are the perfect next step for every kid who grew up on聽Brain Quest.

So being the fan that I am now, I thought I’d marry聽their design style聽with these punch card bookmarks! My kids love them, and they can’t wait to get homework done so they can get a punch聽that’ll get聽them closer to their聽reward! You can go as simple or elaborate as you want for the rewards, and they’re perfect for all ages!

Homework Punch Card Bookmarks


  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Hole punch
  • Homework Punch Card Bookmarks (Click below to download):

Purple Punch Card聽 路 聽Blue Punch Card聽 路 聽Green Punch Card聽 路 聽
Yellow Punch Card聽 路 聽Orange Punch Card聽 路 聽All 5 Colors


  1. Print off the bookmarks (I send them to a print shop which makes them come out so lovely, but if you want to print them at home, make sure your printer settings are set to print at 100% and not zoomed to fit page).
  2. Cut out.
  3. Fill out.
  4. Start punching!

This聽is a sponsored post in partnership with Workman Publishing. As always, all opinions and text are 100% my own.聽

Congrats to Alina for winning the Big Fat Notebooks Prize Package from Workman Publishing!聽



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The Creative Team of Somewhat Simple16 CommentsFiled Under: Printables

Positive behavior reinforcement is always something I strived to improve in my classroom. It always seemed like I was whipping out an old trick from a seasoned teacher to try. 聽Sometimes a new, simple concept to reward behavior was just what I needed to get my students back on track after a long weekend or sugar filled holiday. 聽I want to share with you how I used punch cards in my classroom with my little learners. A dear teacher friend shared this tip with me over 5 years ago!

How we used them:

-In our classroom I used a clip chart for the most part. When students would move their clip up at all, they would earn a punch in their punch card.

-Another way I have seen teachers do it is to spot them making great choices and then give them a punch in their card right then. It all depends on what your students need. Maybe they do need immediate reward or maybe they can wait until the end of the day.

-Once the punch card was full, they earned a trip to the treasure box, lunch with the teacher, the ability to put our read aloud books in their book bins for the week, or anything great like that!

-I have also used this in behavior plans with students. We would break it down and instead of rewarding them for having the card full, they would earn a reward for every set of 5 punches.


Why I loved them:

-They were easy to use

-Student led and monitored (With my 1st grade students, I would assign a student to this job weekly and they were in charge of punching cards at the end of the day. They LOVED it because they played teacher!

-The students always kept me accountable

-The students were motivated and knew what it felt like to work hard to earn something they wanted


Want to give them a try? Grab this FREE punch card! I love to copy them on a different colored cardstock for each month. There are 20 stars on each card鈥攅nough to cover 4 weeks of school days if you want to do a monthly system.

click the image above to grab the FREEBIE

Looking for more positive behavior reinforcement ideas? Check out this post HERE.

You may also want to follow my Classroom Management Pinterest board for more great ideas!

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