Aauw Dissertation Fellowship 2014 Toyota

This page is for dissertation fellowships 2013-14 (including research fellowships, dissertation completion fellowships, and other predoctoral opportunities).

The previous year's page (2012-13) is HERE.

NOTE: this is a restoration of the page as it appeared on August 9, 2013. It has been restored by request for archival reference reasons. The new page for the 2014-15 season is here: Dissertation Fellowships 2014-2015. Please refer to this page for on-going discussions of Fulbright-Hays DDRA (9/25/13).

AAUW Dissertation FellowshipEdit

  • I just applied to this. Does any body have any experience or knowledge of how they make decision?
  • I am also applying in interested in the same. Especially any numbers on how competitive it is.
  • I applied also, anyone else find it strange you have to pay $40 application fee? it's the only one I had to pay to apply to.  - Yes a bit strange. If I get the fellowship though, it was worth it!
  • applied x12 (including the 3 above); share interest in learning numbers v. awards
  • 2012–13 Summary
Dissertation Fellowships: 60
Postdoctoral Fellowships: 12
Publication Grants: 17
Total Fellowships: 89
Women of Color: 20%
Eligible Applicants: 693
Total Awards: $1,687,000
  • Yep, its a drag to have to pay $40.
  • The $40 and a quick scan through who they funded in my niche field told me I'd have a better chance using that $40 to buy a nice dinner and bottle of wine. Seriously though, seems you either have to have a woman or gender related topic -or- some compelling reason they'd be interested in you (one person I know who got it didn't have a gender topic at all, but she had worked in a rape crisis center--something noted more prominently than her project topic on the website).
  • WAITING GAME. Please post if you hear any word (2/8). 
  • Everything I've read says we won't here until 4/13 at the earliest. Look back at the prior years here. Some said that acceptance/rejection letters (SNAIL MAIL!) went out 4/15 so people didn't hear until 4/18 or so.
  • I won this grant last year. They posted the names of the winners on their website on 4/15 (I think it was) - the day they said they'd announce the fellowships. I got my letter two or three days later in the mail.
  • "April 15, 2013 - Notification of awards mailed to all applicants. Fellows posted on the AAUW website (http://www.aauw.org). AAUW is not able to honor requests for earlier notification."
  • Ahhh the wait is killing me! Anyone else checking this page even though you know that we won't hear anything until 4-15?
  • Yes indeedy! I think time is actually slowing down as we get closer....
  • Yes me too! It's another 12 days till the 15th and it seems like forever!!
  • Definitely checking, even though I know it's futile.  I really hate that we find out by going on their website and scanning for our name. I wish they would just send emails...
  • can someone share the link where the names will be posted? thanks!
  • So now that they have changed their website, I can't find the FAQ page. I am wondering if it is possible to work if you have the AAUW fellowship. If we accept a job that begins this summer or next fall, for instance, would we have to turn it down if we were lucky enough to get a fellowship?
    • From what I remember reading somewhere, you are allowed to work up to 15 hours/wk OR teach one class and have the fellowship. I can't recall where on their website or materials I read that though.
      • Kind of pointless discuss since the decisions haven't gone out yet
      • it's not pointless if you're being offered a job for next year and you have to sign a contract before next week.
      • Is it possible to request extra time before signing the contract? That is, ask them to wait until April 15th to sign, then on the 15th, just call AAUW to find out the results?
  • AHHH 4/11. Trying *SO HARD* not to get my hopes up... gah!
  • I am right there with you!
  • Doing my best not to think about it, but the dept admin keeps asking if I've heard yet so they can plan their expenses for next year - I second that "gah!"
  • Same-- I keep thinking there is a chance they will post it today!
  • Can someone please share the link where the winners will be announced? Many thanks and good luck to everyone! (April 14)
  • I believe it is posted above, see the quote with the april 15 date in bold. (aauw.org)
  • I know it is early, but has anyone seen anything, or know when they will post it?
  • I have not been able to find anything yet... I really hope they do post it online, or else we will have to wait until letters arrive by post?
  • they seem active on twitter so i've been watching from there (https://twitter.com/AAUWFellowships)
  • can someone please ask them on twitter and let us know?
  • It's up; congrats to winners! http://www.aauw.org/resource/fellowships-and-grants-offered-2013-14/
  • They reduced the number of recipients?
  • Received award letter (4/15)
  • Do they do alternates for this fellowship? If so, has anyone received notification?
    • Received letter today informing me that I am an alternate. the agonizing wait continues! (4/18)
    • ^was it a snail mail letter?  Or email?  Also, does anyone know if they provide feedback on applications?  Or have in the past?
    • Snail mail, arrived 4/18.
    • Reject letter arrived 4/18 and states feedback will not be provided.
    • Snail mail arrived 4/19 (and I live in HI, so my mail takes a LONG time).
    • I can't believe they send by snailmail. I live in India!! They could offer more scholarships if they used email!
    • Looks like last year's alternates heard around mid-May. Just got letter yesterday of alternate status and would love to hear if anyone knows anything else about when we might find out more... (Mid-May sounds about right, I guess that's when those accepted have to confirm their award.)
    • I received an offer and the letter said that if they don't hear back from me by May 15th they'll make the offer to an alternate.  For what it's worth, they did send the initial acceptance by email, so maybe you wouldn't have to wait for a letter if you're an alternate -? Good luck!
    • Also received alternate letter in mail on 4/18.
    • I received an award and am not taking it. A glimmer of hope for those alternates! :) (4/22)
    • Haha, I was secretly checking here in hopes of finding such a message! Congrats to the folks that got it and good luck to us alternates...! Fingers are starting to hurt a little from being crossed so long... :)
    • Any alternates still obsessively checking this page? Curious to know how many alternates there are vs. how many awardees typically decine each year...
      • Yes, right here! Hope we find out soon! Hang in there :)
      • Alternate here (one who has posted in this thread before)- Received an email today (5/15) that "additional resources have been made available" and I will receive an award. Very grateful to whoever declined!
      • Congrats! x2
      • Still obsessively checking (5/16) but guessing if emails went out yesterday I should check my mail instead for rejection? : / Congrats to winners!
      • I just received an email (5/24) sayng funds were made available! Good luck to the other alternates!!

ACLS/ Luce Dissertation Fellowships in American ArtEdit


"Notifications will be sent by late March 2013"

  • Rejection notice in inbox today (3/19/13) x3
  • Acceptance by email today (3/19/13) x4
  • Named an alternate on 3/19. Would be obliged if anyone planning to decline could do so soonish!
  • 4/10: Accepted as alternate and declined in favor of another fellowship. Hope the next person on the list will be able to make use of this tempting opportunity!

ACLS/Mellon Dissertation Completion FellowshipsEdit

  • submitted yesterday - anyone else?
    • yes x11
    • submitted right at deadline from non-ivy, big research public university (x5)
  • Any idea what the chances are for those of us from non-Ivies?
    • My department is in a non-Ivy and someone gets it every couple of years - I think they make an effort to make sure the schools represented are diverse...
    • agreed, non ivy here as well, but R1; but winners last year were clearly ivy/private univ slanted; was rather disappointed by lack of field diversity as well (particularly the history emphasis)
    • I received the award last year and I am non-Ivy/non-private. Good luck to all those who applied!
  • I gave up on this because there are restriction about having to be in your 6th year including you MA. I am in a program in which you can not complete your MA and PhD in six years. No way. Make sure you check that detail for yourself. I even e-mailed them about it and talked to my dean.
    • I submitted but am also past the 6th year - sort of - will be beginning the 7th during the award. I'm in the same position as you; plus I took leave of absence to go do language learning, etc. There's a section on the application to plead your case, and they ask that your dissertation advisor mention this in the reference letter. I don't think it's a big deal as long as you have a valid reason. No one in my program has ever graduated in under 7 years, and some do it in 8.
    • I also applied and am in my 6th year now. I received my MA in a totally different field--and had a year's hiatus before starting my PhD. Any idea if those three years will also be counted? Thanks.
    • Actually, if you're in your 6th year, you're eligible. I called and asked about this before applying. Only if you're in your 7th year do you need to "plead your case."
  • Any idea what the numbers are (applicants / accepted) for this fellowship?
    • Last year there were around 1100 applicants and they selected 70 (last year they accepted 70 because they had the funds to do so, but it might be 65 again this year).
  • When do these decisions start coming out? In past years I've seen decisions as early as Jan. and as late as April. 
    • Last year they sent out notices during the first week of March.  Those who received the awards and those who did not all heard from ACLS via email on the first Friday in March (if I remember correctly).
    • WAITING GAME. Please post if you hear any word (2/8). 
    • I wish I could just forget about it until March, but I'm already going nuts! Ugh.
    • The website says "late March."
    • Anyone else hoping they'll notify this week (3/5)? (x3)
    • I don't even know any more. Until they notify at least I still have a chance! (x3)
    • fingers crossed for this Friday! x 1
    • Website clearly states: "Notifications will be sent in late March 2013."
    • Previous competitions suggest otherwise. Notifications sent first Friday of March for 2011, 2012.
    • I'm afraid of my email these days. Based on stats, rejection is coming for 95% of us. :(
      • Hey, better odds than landing a job...what, too soon?   <-- :) x4

I wonder after reading your hash tags, just exactly who am I am competing with. 'Throw your hands-up' non-ivy, non-research 1 schools. x1 (R1 X1)

  • With 1100+ applicants, you are competing with everyone and their grandmother - not just ivies and R1s. Best to focus on what you can control, like writing solid proposals and hedging your bets by applying to everything in sight...and hope for a bit of luck.
    • I think the notion is that it is a bit pretentious and obnoxious to come here to complain that your "two latest publications of the most extraodinary sort" couldn't be "added to an already sterling CV," especially in the context of an already soul-crushing competition. (x3,100+)
    • Whatever the relative merits of our CVs ... rejection letter received. 70 grants this year (like last year, up from 65), "nearly 1000 applicants."
    • rejection email received 3/7 (x14)
    • Also rec'd my rejection.  Sigh.  I'm in Political Science and knew they'd only taken ~2 students from this field last year (they're focused on the humanities, not social sciences, afterall).  Still, it's a big bummer.  These apps take forever to do.  Any idea on if they'd give feedback from the reviewers?
    • Hm. Nothing here. No reject, no accept. Strange.  As for the above ^ typically they do let you have reviewer comments if you ask for them in April or so (see years past).
    • Likewise, no word yet. Has anyone actually received an acceptance letter today? Or is it possible they're going through the list of applicants in alphabetical order?
    • Got my rejection today. English Department, Research One public university. Last name starts with R. So I guess maybe if you're still waiting to hear, then that's good news?
    • Rejection here too. Any tips on requesting feedback on your application? Just respond to the notifier and ask?
    • Rejection via email (3/7)
    • Acceptance letter received today via email, 3/7. (x3)
    • Rejection via email. Music Dept., Research One Private. (3/7)
    • I see acceptances are out too... still nothing here though. wonder if that means I'm a dreaded alternate? (3/7 3:12 pm)
    • Haven't heard yet either and I'm wearing out the refresh button (3:41pm) <-- omg I KNOW. Solidarity!
    • Check your spam people: my letter was there (mine too -- rerouted from institutional address to gmail spam folder.)
    • Letter of acceptance! (in my spam folder) (x3!)
    • accepted! (spam folder too) (x4).
    • For those wanting reviewer comments, all you need to do is reply to the emailed rejection (or, I assume, email their program officer) and indicate that you would like feedback.  I was told that reviewers provide feedback at their discretion, so applicants might not hear back from all or any of the selection committee.  BUT, once they receive your request, it will be processed in April and you will receive whatever comments are released via snail mail.
    • A follow-up on reviewer feedback - The ACLS reviewing system allows evaluators to release comments to applicants at their discretion.  Hence, it is possible to not receive comments from all, or even any, of the reviewers who participated in the assessment of your application. In my case, reviewers did not designate any comments for release. (x2)
    • ^ this. I received an award, and so did a friend of mine. We both got our comments back. His were pretty thorough, mine very sparse (and the one reviewer who did send comments was critical/skeptical). It's a crap-shoot, basically.

AERA Minority Dissertation FellowshipEdit

Has anyone heard from this one?

  • The website said the results will be out in May 2013.
  • I am waiting for the result as well.
  • Still waiting; any word? (05/07/13)
  • Does anyone know how many applied, and how many are getting the award?
  • Still no word for me too (5/13/13) x3
  • Has anyone heard from this one? (5/13/13)
  • Received rejection notice by e-mail. (5/14/13) x5
  • Still waiting (5/15/13) x2
  • Still no word; can anyone advise if reward offers made/accepted (5/17/13)
  • awarded-- email (5/13/13)

American Academy in Rome- Rome PrizeEdit

Has anyone applied for this?

Yes. Judging by previous years, the short list should be contacted soon for interviews. The dates might be pushed back this year because of Sandy, however. (1/28/2013)

  • That's what I have assumed as well - though that hasn't stopped me from attempting to see if anyone else has heard! (Poster from above - 1/28)

Request for an interview received via email late this afternoon. (2/1)

  • Congrats! Mind sharing what field you applied in?
  • Applied in Early Modern and Modern; interview is for the former.
    • Thanks for replying-do all interview requests go out at the same time? In short, can I, an applicant in the field of medieval studies, stop checking my inbox for an email from the AA? (2/2)
    • Also congrats! I applied for EM so suppose I can stop checking my inbox now. I do know that Ancient went out a couple weeks ago so there may be some fields not yet notified.

Offer made in Modern Italian Studies (heard second-hand, I believe the date was 2/26)

Has anyone heard anything about the Architecture or Design awards? (3/4)

  • They announce winners publically in about a month, so if you weren't contacted for an interview, the odds are slim, if not non-existent. Does anyone know if they ever award Architecture/Design fellowships without conducting an interview, even if only by phone or skype?
  • I don't know about Architecture/Design, but I do know that in the academic categories two finalists are usually interviewed (perhaps three).  Notification typically occurs within a few days of the interview: one candidate is selected to receieve the fellowship and the other is an alternate (or others).  I don't know if that helps...
    • Well, it 'helps' me know it's time to break out my consolation wine, so that's something! Have not yet been notified, but was not contacted for an interview. (3/13)
  • Rejection recieved via email (3/15) x2

Boston College African and African Diaspora Dissertation FellowshipEdit

  • 2-17 Anyone else following this wiki applying for this award? I sent everything in but haven't had any confirmation that it was received.
  • Applied also, and didn't receive confirmation either. Did they say they would confirm?
  • I called last week to confirm--they said they were still processing, but they had received everything. (2/17)
  • (3-1) Email confirmation that application was received and processed. Requested EEOC self-identification. Stated "You should expect to hear from the committee in early April."
  • Applied (x1)
  • (4/9) Anything yet?
  • (4/9) I had emailed them last week and this is the response that I got back today... "The Dissertation Fellowship Committee will make its decision the week of April 22nd. Notifications will be sent out by both e-mail and regular mail."
  • (4/26) I received a rejection letter. x3
  • (4/27) Were your letters very personalized with strong encouragement to apply again next year?
  • (4/28) Mine was. It might seem a silly question, but after all these rejections seeming like it means to tell YOU that YOUR application was still good, I can't help wondering how they can really just send that to all rejectees. It seems, in any case, that they do. But I do echo the question, just in case. 

Carter G. Woodson Institute PreDoctoral Fellowship at UVA (African & African American)Edit

2/25 notified of award

Carter Manny AwardEdit

Deadline March 15, 2013

  • Applied (x1)  Email notifying of application acceptance says winners will be notified by July 31, 2013.

Center for Democracy, Development and Rule of Law (Stanford) Predoctoral Fellowship   Edit

Deadline Jan 25, announcments expected in "mid-March 2013."

  • Anyone heard anything yet?  They should be announcing any day...
  • rejection received via email (3/25)

Center for Jewish History, Dissertation FellowshipsEdit

The Center for Jewish History, composed of its five partners (American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research) offers ten month fellowships to doctoral candidates to support original research using the collections at the Center. Preference is given to those candidates who draw on the library and archival resources of more than one partner institution. Fellows must be in residence at the Center from September 2013- June 2014 and applicants should have completed all requirements (coursework, exams, dissertation proposal) for the doctoral degree except for the dissertation. It is required that each fellow spend a minimum of 3 days/week in residence in the Lillian Goldman Reading Room using the archival and library resources. Fellows must also participate in the Center for Jewish History Fellowship Seminar Program, deliver a minimum of one lecture based on research conducted at Center, and submit a report upon completion of the Fellowship describing her/his experience as a Center Fellow. Full fellowships carry a stipend of up to $15,000 for a period of one academic year for students based in universities in the New York City metropolitan area as well as those who reside within approximately 125 miles of New York City. Fellows from universities more than 125 miles away from New York City will be entitled to a stipend of up to $18,000, and in some cases, additional funding of up to $5,000 may be made available to offset living expenses. For more information about the fellowship and complete application instructions please visit: http://www.cjh.org/p/36.

  • Applications for the 2013-2014 fellowship are due February 18, 2013.
  • Recieved acceptance letter 3/19/2013


  • Any insight on when member institutions look at applications?
  • It varies by institution. You should contact the person in charge of the CFD stuff at the member school you're interested in to check. I do know that Macalester will not be selecting anyone this year due to budget constraints. (12/20)
  • Anyone receive an interview request yet? I know that CFD schools tend to call around this time of the year. (1/9)
    • None here. I was just wondering too if anyone had heard anything... (1/13)
    • Same. I've heard nothing at all and am guessing it could be a while based on last year's thread. (1/15)
  • Contacted by member institution asking me to apply for a 1 yr faculty replacement position (1/25)
  • Request for interview (1/30); Invited for campus interview (same institution) (2/6) --> This is for a postdoc position
    • Offer made and accepted for postdoc position (3/5), Denison, women's studies
  • Request for phone interview (2/24) and this is for the predoctoral position

Charlotte Newcombe FellowshipEdit

  • Just Applied to this. Any experience or insight of how they make decision?
  • Applying - does anyone know if the focus has to be "religion AND ethics" or could it just be religion?
  • - From the website: These fellowships support students in the final stages of doctoral study whose work offers significant potential for advancing academic scholarship related to ethics and/or religion.
  • -on 11/1/2012, the website for Woodrow Wilson institute and Newcombe fellowship has been done for 3 days since Sandy, phone number is also not working, has anyone been able to access website or call the office?
  • No, I have been trying to reach them via these mediums too. I got on Monday afternoon to get the address to send transcripts, no dice ever since.
  • 11/3 -- Web service restored!
  • 11/12––Is anyone else having trouble uploading documents? I'm using Safari, have the proper format and title, and when I click to upload nothing happens.
  • --I used Chrome on a Mac and couldn't upload my documents as PDFs despite what the site said, no matter how many times I tried, etc. So, I uploaded them as DOCs and then the site converted them to PDFs when refreshed o_O There are some serious tech issues for that application, however, such as dropdowns for the years being all out of order and the institutional database seems to be homemade (that is, not displaying them all).[Update to what I wrote: 11/14 and I am now having issues uploading my remaining documents - either in DOC or PDF form. I will write tech support I guess.]
  • 11/14 - Many thanks for this tip. I couldn't get it going on Firefox/Chrome 'Canary'/Safari on the Mac or Firefox on the PC and had to use the regular Chrome browser on the mac with the .doc extension before it took my files. I would have happily taken the copy-and-paste into the text box over that mess.
  • --I emailed their tech support, and they said to email them the documents and they would upload them to my application. However, I tried again (using Chrome and PDFs) and was able to upload anything without any trouble. Maybe there will still glitches they hadn't fixed after the storm that are only now being remedied...
  • WAITING GAME. Please post if you hear any word (2/12). 
  • 2/21 - looks like they notified people about the first round on 2/22 the past two years. we may be hearing soon! 
  • 2/22 - Sigh! Based on past years, I assume notification would be today.  It looks like they have notified those who made it past the first round and those who didn't on the same day in the past, but did anyone hear today?
  • I'm assuming that things might be a bit delayed this year because of Hurricane Sandy?  They did extend the deadline for a few days, so maybe we'll hear something next week? (2/23)
  • Very annoying, but yes, I think they are delaying because they extended the deadline (slightly). I'm guessing we won't hear until next Friday. Fellowships usually like to notify by 5pm on a Friday so that people have time to rethink those irate phone calls. (2/23) <-- That is both smart and hilarious. I was also hoping to hear something yesterday, forgetting about the extension. (2/23)
  • 2/24--Will we hear something either way? Or do they only send out e-mails to those who have made it to the next stage? <--Wikis for the last two years seem to indicate that everybody hears, either way. (2/25)
  • 2/26 - Sent them an email.  Apparently first round notifications should be out by March 8. <--(Thanks for doing this and providing an update! x3!)
  • 2/28 - Also sent an email. As noted above on 2/26, first round notifications will be emailed by March 8.  Final winners from that select group will be notified in the first week of April.  Public announcements will be made by the third week of April.
  • 3/7-Rejection Email received. (x13)
  • 3/7-Finalist notification email received (x6). My letter says that 13 % of 600 applicants made this round, and of those another 22 will be selected.
  • 3/7- 600 applicants, only 22 awards. I didn't make it. I have alot of company. 
  • 3/7 - rejection.
  • 4/1 - Award notification.  I hope this isn't an april fools' day joke. 
  • 4/1 - Award notification (x3)
  • 4/1 - Final rejection. Congrats to the winners. (x2)
  • 4/17 - Still haven'te heard anything.  Does anyone know what this means?
    • Probably not good. I think the list has been finalized.

Chateaubriand Fellowship in the HumanitiesEdit

  • does anyone know where/if we can get ahold of bios/project descriptions of previous winners? noone I know on French or American side knows anyone who has been awarded...not sure what kinds of projects are successful.
  • I found a little info on past winners here: http://www.fulbright-france.org/docs/2012142732_biodatas1213chateaubriand.pdf
  • does anyone know if the french faculty who's supporting you is allowed to support more than one applicant? and if they are, does it reduce the chances of the applicants they support?
  • ^^^ Given that there were only eight year-fellows and seven semester-fellows this past year, it would seem a bad idea to have duplicate letters of invitation in the selection pool.  It will only hinder not help you.
  • well i eventually found out (officially) that it isn't against the rules. i don't know what that means in terms of what will help or hinder, but it may serve future applicants (since they took a while to respond to me, and by the time they had, we didn't have enough time to pull things together). i personally think that if your application is strong, and if your relationship with your sponsor is valid and ongoing, then a detail like that would not necessarily hinder you. 
  • So the deadline was January, not December this year....does that mean later announcements? -Not sure, but i am wondering the same thing.
  • Anyone heard anything yet? (4/12) [No, but it would be unusual to hear so early in the month, particularly given the later deadline. Last year the committee met April 26, 2012 and they notified applicants by April 30, 2012. I believe it was a similar situation in 2011. (4/14) Rien here, as well. Agree that later deadline probably means later notifications. (4/15)]
  • Why would we have any reason to think that a later deadline means later notifications?  Perhaps they gave their external reviewers a little less time.  Perhaps they realized that they had been getting responses from external reviewers and letting them sit for a few weeks before the final committee met.  I don't see any reason to think that a later deadline means they moved their final committee meeting.
  • Past pages on this blog seemed to suggest that the anouncements have been getting progressively later...but also that it might be concurrent with Fullbright since some receive both. Also my experience with French bureaucracy is that it is perpetually late....
  • ok folks, what do we think? the committee is meeting early this week and we find out this week? or we find out April 29/30?
  • How do we know the committee is meeting? -well, if we are supposed to be notified end of April, they must be meeting in the next few days (since they say after it meets, notifications go out a few days later)
  • It doesn't say we will be notified by the end of April.  It says, "Traditionally, the selection committee meets at the end of April. Results will be sent by e-mail within a few days."  This makes me think we'll be notified by May 3rd or maybe the 6th at the latest.
  • I called today (4/23) and they said they are still making final decisions, but that they probably would be letting people know next week via email.
  • Thanks for calling! hoping it's Monday....
  • Acceptance for Fall fellowship on 4/25.  (x2) 138 applicants, 15 fellows (6 year-long, 8 fall, 4 spring).  I'm accepting.
  • Acceptance for Spring fellowship on 4/25.
  • Congrats! Did you get an individual email? Or a group email? And what time did you receive the email? Sorry for all the questions.  - individual.  1ish.
  • Accepted for spring fellowship on 4/25. Best of luck to all others! In my experience with grants: try, try, and try again. Never give up.
  • Waitlisted (4/25) Does anyone have a sense of how many people they put on the waitlist?  Congrats to those with fellowships! 

CLIR/ Mellon FellowshipEdit

  • Applied x19
  • In case anyone is wondering, it seems from looking at last year's page that applicants were notified at the beginning of March.
    • To elaborate on previous notifications, in 2011 it was March 4th, and in 2012 it was March 12th
    • via email or hard copy?
    • Time of day? JK- obssessed. 
  • Any news?? (3/7)
    • Nothing here... (x7)
    • I assume maybe results will come later this year because of Sandy?  Still, tired of waiting.
      • Possibly--which is annoying because let's face it, 85% of the time between the submission and notification dates our applications are just sitting around. The actual decision-making process happens rather quickly
      • It does get tiring to wait :( I hope we learn soon, I also think they might be behind due to Sandy...
      • ​Website still says they'll announce on April 1st. They'll have to send initial notifications soon to follow their process.
      • My guess is beginning of this coming week- It would fit the timeline for other fellowships I applied for (3 weeks before official announcement, 2 week acceptance gap, 1 week to contact alternatives). 
      • Based on previous years, it sounds like acceptees find out first and are asked not to tell...any secondhand info?
      • ​That's right. I think the above post is accurate in saying that initial acceptances will go out Monday/Tuesday (3/11 or 3/12). They'll have two weeks to accept, and if needed CLIR will contact alternates. Then rejections go out at the end of March, right before they publically announce the awardees.
  • Any news????
  • Nothing here as of 3/11, 4 pm EST (x12)
  • perhaps pessimistic of me, but I didn't respond to the 3/7 request for news, so seems quite possible notifications have been sent out
  • what makes you think so?
  • more than anything, because it's late in the process; pardon my negativity, it's irrational
  • 14 people (number checked in here) is less than 3 percent of applications. So very possible. But it would be nice at least to have someone confirm they went out so we're put out of our misery.
  • Yes, but the recipients are asked to keep their acceptance secret (very odd custom, I must say). Anyways, it might be that we should be ready to stay in limbo for quite a while. 
  • I would hope that if someone does hear (first or secondhand) they would give some sort of indication on this anonymous forum to put the rest of us out of our misery
  • "Odd custom" = "elaborate hazing ritual" - over the past couple cycles, a kind bird or two flew by to sing a song that no doubt brought relief to the select souls who populate these spaces. It's possible both to respect the process and treat one's peers with humanity; "secret" and "anonymous" are synonyms, after all.
  • "Dear applicant, I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded a CLIR Mellon Felllowship. Please do not share this information with other applicants. This is necessary to ensure they remain in a state of tantalizing uncertainty during the forthcoming weeks. Only when the passage of time has slowly entinguished their hope, will we reluctantly inform them that they were not selected."
  • I'm guessing there won't be any notifications sent out tonight. Tomorrow I'm planning to go on an "email fast" so I don't spend all my time obsessing over CLIR. Hopefully, that'll make it a more productive day than today was!
  • Any news today? (3/12) Am starting to lose hope.
  • Nothing here, also starting to lose hope... (x3)
  • No hope now...Given up
  • aww, c'mon now, in each of the previous two cycles someone spoke up, why should it be different this time? surely more people are looking at this than the numbers indicate
  • Agreed. No one will tell - it's anonymous! Though the one thing is that it seems from previous forums they tend to send emails around 5pm and acceptances went out on 3/12 last year. Especially given the Sandy extension, it seems conceivable that they could be a day or two behind.
  • I can buy a day or two at max, since they apparently have some wierd logic guiding this unique notification process. They claim that announcements will still be made April 1st.
  • Wish I had known there were 500 applicants and only 15-17 awards when I was preparing this application. The cost benefit analysis does not support the amount of time I invested in it.
    • It's probably cold comfort, but all told, there are basically no long-term "general research" or even writing grants (versus the small ones / language or country specific grants) that have better odds. There are just a large number of ridiculously smart & productive people with worthwhile projects for the number of grants available.
    • Yeah. I was just bitter recalling studying for prelims at the same time, and thinking how much time I had to take out to work on this application.
      • Oh, I feel you. Frankly - I was secret hoping you'd respond with a list of "easier" grants that I just didn't know about. This whole process is pretty frustrating & draining.
  • Welcome to the academic wing of the "new economy," buckle in....
    • ugh, sorry for coming off as a preening jackass, we all get it, just a product of frustration
    • Thats alright, it gave me a laugh.
      • Good, I wonder whose will be the first historical/sociological study of academia that uses this stuff as evidence
  • News? (3/13) Thinking its gotta be today given the 4/1 deadline
  • Nothing (x22)
    • ​Can't help but notice that the Catholic Church--a ponderous and archaic institution--seems to be operating more efficently and transparently than CLIR. 
    • ^ha! (x2)
  • And, yet again, nothing (3/14) (x10)
    • huh, gotta think if this were over we'd have seen some 'white smoke' here
    • Is it possible they meant that they'd announce the fellowships to us on April 1?
      • I don't think so. The wording on their website is exactly what it was last year, when the publicly announced the fellowships on April 1. If there was a policy or procedural change, they would have stated this on their website. Given this timeline, most likely they've already made offers. It might just be unfortunate that no one who received an offer posted here to inform the rest of us.
      • Yeah, thinking that we would have heard that somone (or somone's colleague) got accepted. But then again, given the timeline, the latest I could see them coming out is tomorrow or Monday. After that it seems like too late. And (^) agreed about their website--if it was going to radically change, they'd announce it.
  • Still nothing (3/15) (x5)
    • I agree, It might be the case that the people who got this fellowhip don't visit this wiki, and that they're already out... it seems like it's getting too late for announcements given the timeline
    • but Sandy put them a full two weeks behind, surely that matters? Monday is a full two weeks before April 1 still, I think after Monday it's a lost cause...
      • Well, that assumes they actually need the full amount of time to complete the review. I'm guessing it's all over by now.  Although Monday could conceivably be the last day.
  • Sigh. Nothing 3/17. Moving over to a different section of the wiki!!
  • Yep. Definitely over. We can enjoy our emails on March 29th.
  • ^ Don't give up! Somebody will hear something. Until there's a hint of news, better to assume that they're just bogged down.
    • ^ I asked. They said there was no delay and that they were operating on the same schedule as usual. Have to believe that means they already sent out acceptances.
    • ^ Oh. Bummer. OK, I give up now!
    • It's 3/20 today. Safe to assume they have announced. Waiting for my rejection email
  • Heard from a friend - acceptance letter received. Not sure when it arrived (3/20)
  • Was it a physical letter or an email? (3/21)
  • Past applicant here (and friend of past recipient): acceptances are sent, by email, well in advance of the rejections (to allow time for recipients to accept or decline, in which case the award is given to someone else).  Acceptances tend to arrive by early March. If you have not heard anything by this point, chances are alas high that you'll be receiving a rejection email shortly.
    • Proof of concept. See, if CLIR had told us they would announce the awards on 3/5 or some other definite date, we'd all have moved on and stopped fretting about this. But look! They succcessfully agonized people all the way until March 22nd.
  • Awards were emailed yesterday (March 20). There are 17 fellows out of 442 applicants. Best of luck to everyone. 
  • Woop, there it is - rejection email received (3/28). Yep. Me too, got one today (3/28)

Columbia University GSAS International Travel GrantEdit

Deadline Jan 15th.

  • Emailed Howard the III, said would hear late April/Early May.
  • anyone hear anything yet?

Council for European Studies (CES)/Mellon Dissertation Completion FellowshipEdit

Deadline February 4, 2013


Applied (X1)

Received acceptance (3/28)

--> Was this for diss completion, or the pre-diss research grant?

For diss completion (3/29)

  • Congratulations! Did they say how many applicants/awards? The email notification did not list these figures.
  • Did the acceptance come by email or mail? Has anyone received a rejection? (3/31) By email.

Original Applied and still waiting as of 4/1. Just re-checked email.

I emailed to ask about decisions, and received a response saying that we can expect to be notified in May as per the website. They were sorry that the committee couldn't get back to the applicants sooner, but there were a large number of applicants and the committee needs time to read and review them all as thoroughly and as fairly as possible. I'm not sure in light of the acceptance above whether this means that some decisions are rolled out...or otherwise? (4/1) <--- thank you for emailing. I feel like if we haven't heard it is more of a waitlist issue than a still deciding issue.

Any more news on this? (4/4)

I also received an acceptance email on 3/28 (for the dissertation completion grant). No word about how many applicants. Also, vague language about not being allowed to accept "comparable" funding at the same time -- anyone know what comparable means in this situation? I.e. does that refer to any other reseach support, or just grants that have the same terms about needing to complete your dissertation in a year? 

  • Congrats! Usually that means any other research support, i.e. you can't have two fellowships in one year. I wish we knew how many were awarded. I suppose I'm just waiting for the rejection mail :/ (4/7)

Has anyone received a rejection? I assume the above comment on 3/31 is about an acceptance by email. (4/7)

The original announcement CES put out about the Mellon grant says that twenty grants will be awarded over two years... here's the link to the announcement: http://news.cision.com/council-for-european-studies/r/mellon-foundation-funds-ces-dissertation-completion-fellowships,c9358095. I'm guessing the poster above is correct that it is probably some kind of wait list situation at this point if recipients have already been informed. CES probably needs to know whether they will accept their offer or will take other appointments before they formally announce the winners in May. Good luck to all!

For those informed, was date did you have to notify them that you would accept/decline the award? Also, anyone thinking of declining? Thanks! (4/15)

Finally got a rejection e-mail (4/29).  Says they made 10 awards out of a "very large number" of applications.  Congrats to the winners! X2

Rejection email received - and I heard earlier (from them, upon my inquiry)  that they received ca. 200 applications (4/29).

I declined mine so hopefully someone on the waitlist will get bumped up!


applied (x2)

  • Last year they sent out emails for both acceptance and rejection on March 2.
  • Last year a friend of mine didn't hear until March 22 (for a 12 month research grant), so don't give up hope if you haven't hear immediately. 
  • A colleague just heard about acceptance for a summer grant (2/28), so it seems like decisions should soon be forthcoming...
  • Any news? (3/7)
    • Nothing here
    • Someone on the decisions board for the 10-month fellowships told me that the decisions have been made, and thought that the applicants (both successful and unsuccessful) had already been alerted (although I, at least, have not been). (3/10)
    • still waiting to hear. received positive answer March 2nd last year (3/12)
    • seems that the undergrad programs (RISE and RISEPro) have been notified but not graduate study or research grants (3/12)
  • Still no news (3/15). Received rejection last year on March 2nd (like the poster above, which makes me think they send out yays and nays on the same day). No news is good news?
    • Checked out the DAAD forum on GradCafe and it seems that no one has heard back about Grad Research Grants yet. I was crossing my fingers that I'd know before the weekend but it's looking grim!
  • (3/22) In phone call to NY office, was told that many factors (Euro Zone crisis leading to many more applications, for one thing) have delayed the process. Decisions will probably be signed off next week, but then there's Easter holiday, so emails will not go out until the first week of April. So keep crossing those fingers (or pressing your thumbs, as it were).  — That's to say, too, that all applicants will indeed be notified by email; therein will successful applicants be asked for their current mailing addresses to receive the official packet.
  • (3/22) Glad someone picked up the phone and asked!
  • Acceptance received for full research grant via email!! (3/28)
  • Rejection received :( (3/28)
  • I am curious: Even though this is through partner US universities and non-US citizens are eligible to apply, I haven't heard any non-US citizen receiving this fellowship. What do you think? --> I'm a non-US citizen and I didn't receive it. (3/28)
    • These grants are administered through the NY office for the US & Canada, so there are numerous students (of various nationalities) at Canadian schools who receive this fellowship every year. Beyond that, I do know of several non-US students at US schools who have received a DAAD. 
    • I'm a non-US citizen and did receive a DAAD grant a few years ago. 

Dartmouth CollegeEdit

applied (x2)

  • Anyone know what the odds are on this one?
  • Has anyone received a confirmation of their application?  
  • 2/25: No application confirmation yet. Should I call to confirm that they got the package?
  • I've been wondering about that! I have a USPS confirmation, but who knows if things get lost in transit at the school... (2/25)
  • 3/13: Learned that Chavez Fellowship has been awarded (to someone I know, which is the only reason I know). No idea why this announcement is early, how the person heard, or what this means for the other  fellowship programs, sorry.
    • Hope others who applied for this don't have to wait until next month to hear back.
    • Any notices received yet?
    • No word here (4/2) (x3)
    • Rejection by email (4/4) x4
    • 3/22--still haven't heard anything.  What was the subject heading of the rejection email so I can be on the look out?? 

Dedalus Foundation Dissertation FellowshipEdit

Anyone have any idea how many applicants there are?

  • called to check on the status of the review process and I was told "May, we're running behind."
  • 4/30 Emailed the FC, hoping to get an idea of whether I made the final cut. FC told me there was no news and that the committee was meeting on May 15 to decide. So, another two weeks to go.... 
  • 5/16 Anything? Anyone?
  • 5/20 any news? 
  • 5/30 they have published the recipients in their site, no email notification. http://dedalusfoundation.org/grants/dissertation

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann FundEdit

Dumbarton Oaks Junior FellowshipEdit

  • Rejection email rcvd 3/4 (x2)
  • Has anyone else applied for this one? Yes. (X2) 
  • Anyone asked for an interview yet?
  • No, no answer yet either. But I'm pretty sure there is no interview component to the application. Have you heard otherwise?
  • Yeah, there is usually an interview. Had a friend last year make it as a finalist and she had to interview. Also, I think I remember that the application asked for special contact info through the holidays for Junior Fellows which I assumed was intended to allow the committee to contact finalists to schedule an interview. No word yet here either. Good luck all!
  • No letter or call or email as of 1/21. Anyone else?
  • I'm still waiting too!  I hear from past Fellows that they usually interview in February, which means they should be contacting people soon, I imagine. (x2)
  • Same here--no news.  I've heard that word of interviews usually comes via email and last year interviewees were contacted mid-January for Feb interviews.  *sigh*
  • Still no word as of 1/31. Has anyone received a note or call? (x2)
  • nope, not yet.
  • I wonder if they're doing it differently this year, and foregoing interviews.  I took another look at the website, and all it says about notification is: "Awards will be announced in February 2013 and must be accepted by March 15 of that year."  No mention of interviews.  Perhaps it's a new money-saving plan?
  • Good point - I had a flash of intuition that might be the case. Also, they've been making some changes, most notably since 2010 when they starting shifting the Harvard students out of the fellowship pool, by giving them their own fellowships...times, they are a-changin!
  • Here's hoping.  With every day that goes by I get a little less optimistic.  I just wish I knew what the status was so I could lick my wounds and move on if it's not in the cards!
  • Still no word? 2/13
  • No!  Argh! (x2!)
  • So, I wrote the Director's Office, and received a message that "you will receive word from the Director's Office in the next week or two." So, hold your breath!
  • Thanks for calling and posting this update!
  • Yes!  Thanks so much!
  • Dear fellows, I heard from an acquaintance yesterday that they DID do interviews and that they've chosen their candidates.  I think this means that those of us who are still waiting to hear and waiting for a rejection letter.  Best of luck to you all in the future!
  • If I'm understanding the previous comment correctly, then the fellowship awards have already been distributed. However, it seems suspicious to me that Dumbarton would have failed to notify anyone else of their rejection until now. Moreover, given the apparent popularity of this Wiki, it would seem unlikely that not even one of the interviewees (of which there must have been a dozen or more) made it known that he/she was notified, invited, or interviewed...So I can't help but wonder, could the 'acquaintance' in the previous post be a Tyler award nominee -- in which case, his/her expectations (and award) would be entirely separate from the others? (Or am I just grasping at straws here?)
  • Interviews were conducted the first weekend of February and successful candidates informed soon after (at least for the Byzantine fellows- I can't speak for other fields)
  • maybe they are just waiting until all the awards have been accepted (ie. the March 15th deadline) before they send out rejection letters?
  • any word? (3/1)
  • still waiting, a google search for jr. fellows shows that at least one person was successful
  • still waiting too!  (3/1) x2
  • rejection via email (3/5) (x6)
  • REJECTED! They say their resources are limited. Hah!
    • Ok. It seems that - as usual for many years - the Junior Fellowhip was won by those students who resident at American Universities. I think with my two AIEB supporter that it is a bad joke.  Anyway I look forward to see the winner's CV's, but as usual too it is not public on Doaks website.

Eleanor Tufts Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Southern Methodist UniversityEdit

  • applied--anyone else?  Yes. 
  • Any idea when notifications will be sent out, or if they are doing interviews?
  • I think two years ago they did interviews at CAA, but am not sure if that is still the case. 
  • Has anyone heard anything yet? Nope, but I hope they will notify soon if they plan to interview at CAA in two weeks.
  • Any news? Are they interviewing at CAA? 2.12
  • I haven't heard anything at all. (As of 2/18 x2)
  • Just received email from chair of art history, stating: "Because it is such a strong pool of applicants, we have decided to extend our timetable to allow for a second close reading of the files.  We plan to meet again as a faculty after our Spring break in mid-March at which point we will select six finalists and set up skype interviews for the week of March 21." Also asking to notify them if we have already accepted another fellowship or if plans have changed in any way. (3/1 x 6)
  • Has anyone heard anything post-3/1 email? (3/21) On 3/18, I received an email requesting interview for that week.
    • Skype interview on 3/20, 3/21.

Fisher Center Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Hobart and William Smith CollegesEdit

  • Applications now open, screening begins March 25 (http://www.hws.edu/academics/fisher_center/Fisher_Center_Predoc_app.pdf)
  • Does anyone know where they are in the search process? (4/22) (x2)
  • Anyone? (5/1)
  • Rejection e-mail ["the position has been filled"] (5/2)
  • Has anyone else heard anything? (5/4)
  • Emailed program coordinator on 5/4 to ask about a timeline. Heard back that they haven't sent out notifications, but that they "have made a short list" and are sorry they can't interview everyone. Guess I'm not on the short list :(

Five CollegesEdit

  • Based on previous entires from 12-13, I don't believe that they do interviews. But can former recipeints confirm? 
  • Does anyone know how many ppl applied this year?
    • Last year around 250, the year before 330. No numbers for this year yet. 
  • WAITING GAME. Please post if you hear any word (3/16). 
  • UPDATE (3/19): Called this morning; the woman, after consulting with someone, told me that the colleges have already created a list of finalists, and if I had not been contacted already, the chances are slim. She said the process could drag on for a couple more weeks; official word probably by April. Good luck everyone!
  • Bummer, I haven't heard anything. I guess that means I'm not on a list of finalists. Thanks for calling and getting that information! (x5)
  • Has anyone been invited to interview with any of the colleges? Which departments? (03/26)
  • When I called the Five College office (3/26), I was told that some of the colleges "had already contacted candidates" but that others were still looking actively from the general pool. I was told to check back in mid-April. Anyone out there gotten a call? 
  • No, no word. (4/2) (x5)
  • Rejection by email (4/4) (x12)

Ford Dissertation FellowshipEdit

  • Anyone know if you can submit references through interfolio?
  • above: no, they send an electronic upload link to recommenders when you submit email addresses on the website. also note the deadline extension to 11/24.
  • submitted x11
  • WAITING GAME. Please post if you hear any word (2/8). 
  • The selection committee is meeting at the end of this week to make decisions. Not sure when notifications will be sent. (3/3)
  • Thanks for the update!
  • Friend who was finalist last year said she heard by on April 6th. (3/11)
  • I heard they notified people this morning (10:30 pacific time) about the pre-doc fellowship, but nothing on the diss!
  • rejected for dissertation fellowship :-( x8
  • name placed on list of alternates. x8
  • still nothing here... does the letter day how many people applied for the diss? I'm just wondering what my odds are...
  • 640 dissertation applications for 35 awards
  • Award letter received (x6)
  • honorable mention received (4/4) x7
  • Would the alternates & awardees mind sharing which discipline/field they applied under? Thank you!
  • Anyone know how many alternates were selected and what chances are/were in previous years??
  • Also could anyone who got it but is declining post that?
  • Award received, history. I don't know what the odds are for alternates. I recall seeing that one alternate got it last year, so it's not impossible! Good luck! 
  • But since there are offiically as more alternates than awardees just on this page, I'd say the odds aren't amazing...
  • But what would motivate awardees to log in here besides the fact that they might be feeling sympathetic toward those awaiting to hear. It's kind of insane that they received almost double the applicants this year. Alternate here/Humanities
  • Award received, anthropology (4/4).
  • Award received, clinical psychology (4/4).
  • Congrats to the winners! Does anyone know how legitimate the honorable mention is? As in, is it actually worth mentioning? 
  • Award received, religion

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