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SCHS IB Extended Essay 
Turnitin.com Directions

You are expected to upload your extended essay to turnitin.com multiple times over the course of the Extended Essay process. These are the assignments you will find in turnitin.com. Check the timeline for due dates.  

1. Complete 1st Draft (Paper): This is a grade in Senior English- no late submissions will be accepted.

2. Peer Review of 1st Draft (Peermark): This is a grade in Senior English- no late submissions accepted.

3. Complete 2nd Draft (Revision 1): This is the draft where you also turn in a hard copy to your supervising teacher. It should be free of all grammar, spelling and formatting errors and be ready for your teacher to provide content feedback. It is a grade in Senior English. Late papers will be accepted by supervising teachers for feedback if they have time, but you will not earn a grade in Senior English for late 2nd drafts.

4. FINAL Draft (Revision 2): No late papers accepted- what is in is what is sent to IB World. You must also turn in a hard copy of your final draft to Mrs. Chance in the IB office. 

Each time you submit to www.turnitin.com, you are responsible for checking your own originality report and determining if you have any errors to fix. This tool has been provided for you because all papers are sent through turnitin.com by IB World and ANY originality issues will result in an N or E on your paper and failure to earn your IB diploma. The deadlines have been set so that you can re-upload if you detect any problems that you need to correct up until the due date for each assignment. No corrected papers will be accepted after the due dates.

How to Use www.turnitin.com
1.       Have an electronic version of your Extended Essay ready on a CD, flash drive or on the computer.
2.       Go to www.turnitin.com.
3.       If this is your first time visiting turnitin.com, click “Create Account” in the bar at the top of the screen (whenever you need to use turnitin.com again, remember that you already have an account). Follow the steps on the screen to create a Student account. You must have a class ID and a class enrollment password in order to sign up. It is located in orange below. 
4.      If you already have an account, login and click on "Enroll in a Class" and enter the class ID and password.
5.       Once you have logged in, you will see the name of the class on your screen. Click on the name and follow the directions to submit your paper.
6.       Once your paper is submitted, it can take up to 30 minutes for the originality report to run. Once you see a percentage under “Similarity,” your originality report is ready to view. Click on the percentage to see where www.turnitin.com has detected possible issues. YOU have to determine if they are really issues or not and fix them on your original copy before re-uploading. You can not fix errors directly inside www.turnitin.com.  

Need more help? Visit this page or
see Mrs. Murray in the media center!

1) How do you link Turnitin to ManageBac?

You can link Turnitin to ManageBac via Settings > Integrations > Turnitin. You can find our complete tutorial on the process here. Make sure you enable the new LTI integration!

2) How do you change Turnitin settings to allow for late submissions from students?

Thanks to the LTI integration, you can now access the Feedback Studio within ManageBac. To learn how to change deadline settings within the Feedback Studio, click here.

3) How do you link deadlines to either the Extended Essay or Theory of Knowledge?

Click on the Add Deadline button on the right of either roster, and select 'Link to: EE or TOK'. For more details, click here.

4) How do you change settings to allow/disallow students from viewing Interview notes written by their teachers?

Any admin can go to Settings > Access Permissions & Security to enable/disable student access to interview notes. Click here to learn more.

5) What do parents see when they log into their ManageBac accounts?

To see a video of navigating ManageBac as a parent, click here.


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