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I have studied social work with JCU and with another uni hence I have a pretty healthy comparison. JCU have really disappointed me.

Firstly, the academics there (a small group, you are likely to have the same lecturer for several subjects) are really isolated from the real world and only focused on their own research, independent thinking is not supported at all, in fact, it’s penalised. They do not seem to know about latest developments in social work and if you reference it in your assignments they will mark you down – I really think that’s because they never heard of it and the changing world is too much for them to handle.

There is no consistency, literally, you need to have everything in writing as they will tell you one thing and then something else will happen.

They are quite good at responding to emails in a timely manner however quite a few academics are really difficult to communicate with. I cannot put my finger on it but it was as if they were sleepwalking – as a student you may need to send 3-4 emails to get one question answered as they will persistently avoid answering it (not sure whether they are overworked or it’s a tropical syndrome).

There are only about 25 students per year on campus and a handful online for social work and they still cannot remember who you are and that they have just spoken with you in person.

JCU is a nationally registered university (with TEQSA) and a member of innovation network. There is no evidence of either. It’s so old school that it is not funny. In order to get any grade above credit as a person with a bit more updated knowledge you will have hold yourself back as their markers are clueless.

JCU do not have diversified students group, they are not able to deal with students who have substantial working experience, reside in various states, are mature age, have multicultural background. If you are not from North or Far North QLD, aged 18-25 and white Australian you will have to put up with narrow mindedness and various forms of discrimination as the academic staff are still leaving in 80ties. The best chance you have at good grades if you study online and they do not know enough about you.

I think students can do better than JCU. CQU has come a long way and I believe it’s a better option, they understand that students are customers. Or if you are an online student you can study anywhere Australia-wide.

———-JCU is not recommended to mature age, multicultural, international students or students residing in different states———

My Online Application Checklist

Technical Requirements
How to Apply
Supporting Documentation
Higher Degree Research
Follow Up

Technical Requirements

Internet Explorer (7.0 and up) or Firefox (2.0 and up) and JavaScript enabled.


Before you start your application, you should take some time to prepare. To complete your application successfully you will need the following:

  • a valid email address unique to you. This will be the address used to send your user name and password for future access to Online Applications.

  • your degree preferences

  • supporting documentation

How to Apply

1. New Applicants to JCU Only

Register by providing your personal details. You will be emailed temporary log in details. Once you have completed the registration process you can begin applying for courses immediately.


2. Current and Previous JCU Students

If you have previously studied at JCU or have previously applied but not enrolled your login and password will be the same as your login and password for eStudent. You DO NOT need to register.

Supporting Documentation

All electronic documents for upload with your application must be in a suitable file format i.e. pdf, doc, docx, or jpg image files. If you provide files in other formats it may delay assessment of your application. The file size limit is 5Mb per file.

In some cases you may need to attach additional forms to your application. In particular:

To upload documents after submitting your application, log back in to your online application - click the 'Upload Supporting Documentation' button.

When you have submitted your application, you will be able to print a Cover Sheet. This should be attached to any hard copy documentation you are required to provide. Hard copy documentation should be certified.

Higher Degree Research

Applications for research degrees must be completed in full before assessment can commence.

Follow Up

Once you have submitted your application you can track this by logging into eStudent. Applicants new to JCU can use the temporary user name and password emailed to you at the time of registration.

For more help:

Student Centre - Cairns or Townsville
JCU Singapore
AskUs - 24/7 online enquiry system


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