Volunteer Firefighter Resume Cover Letter

Volunteer Firefighter Cover Letter

Every resume sent to the employer is accompanied by a cover letter to give an idea to the employer what you have to offer his organization. A cover letter is generally a short note consisting of two to three paragraphs highlighting your credentials from the employer's perspective. Your volunteer firefighter cover letter should also include your contact details and the details of the employers such as the name of the recruiter, his designation, company address, etc. Including the name of the reference if you have any is also important.

Volunteer Firefighter Job Description:

Firefighters who are called as firemen these days rescue civilians from life-threatening and hazardous fire breakouts. Volunteer firefighters do not work on permanent basis, but they are paid on hourly basis. These are specially trained professionals who use various rescue techniques depending upon the situations while following proper safety precautions to save people from fire breakouts in buildings, due to vehicle accidents and any other means. A firefighter has to be mentally and physically strong apart from possessing ability to react quickly to emergency situations. Their primary goal should be to save people without worrying much about their own life. These firefighters are put into extensive training sessions where they and tested with various real life scenarios before they actually start rescuing people. They are also trained to provide first aid treatment to the patients.

The sample volunteer firefighter cover letters given here will help you in drafting your cover letter.

Sample Volunteer Firefighter Cover Letter (1)

Steve Perry
3 Midday Street
Calm Avenue
Arizona - 20008
Phone: 039-039-7299
E-mail: steve09@example.com

Date: December 30, 2011

Jerry Martin
US Firefighters
Arizona - 928877

Dear Mr. Martin,

I present my resume for the position of volunteer firefighter in US Firefighters with reference to the advertisement posted in VSG Weekly Newspaper, dated 29 December 2011. I believe that I will prove to be a valuable asset for your organization and fulfill all your requirements.

I am a trained firefighter who underwent 6 months of aggressive training in safe rescue techniques and fire control methods along with self-prevention methods. I am a graduate student who would like to work as a volunteer firefighter. I am available to work only for night shifts.

My resume attached with this application will give you a detailed account of my background and skills. It would be a pleasure to convey any other information if required. You can contact me on my personal contact number 039-039-7299 or mail me at steve09@example.com.

Looking forward for your positive reply. Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Perry

Sample Volunteer Firefighter Cover Letter (2)

Thomas Miller
29 Main Street
CMT Cottage
Fort Worth
Texas 99877
Phone: 209-908-9090
E-mail: thomiller09@anymail.com

Date: December 30, 2011

Peter Cruz
Fort Worth Firefighters
Fort Worth
Texas 03999

Reference: John Miller, working as a Rescue Inspector in Fort Worth Firefighters

Dear Mr. Cruz,

This application for the position of volunteer firefighter is with reference to John Miller working as a Rescue Inspector in Fort Worth Firefighters. I feel certain that I meet the requirements of this position and am keenly interested in working with your organization.

I have been working as a volunteer firefighter with TIS Rescue, Fort Worth since two years. I have sound knowledge of the safety practices used in rescue drills and controlling the energy of activation. I am also trained at providing first aid treatment to the victims. I assure that safety of victims will be my primary goal when at work.

To know more about my accomplishments, you can review my resume attached with this application. Thank you for considering my resume.

Thomas Miller

Following the tips and formats of sample volunteer cover letters, you can write your own cover letter.

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Volunteer Firefighter Resume Samples

Volunteer Firefighters are emergency response professionals who protect people and their property from fire, smoke, and other related threats. Tasks highlighted on example resumes of Volunteer Firefighters include responding to emergency calls regarding fire and vehicle accidents, performing search and rescue of victims during fire drills and simulations, and cleaning and maintaining firefighting equipment. Volunteer Firefighters' resumes should show the successful completion of a fire academy program or apprenticeship at the entry level, otherwise an undergraduate or graduate degree is required for advancement.

For more information on what it takes to be a Volunteer Firefighter, check out our complete Volunteer Firefighter Job Description.


Volunteer Firefighter

Participated in community relation events

  • Supervised team of firefighters
  • Worked and excelled in highly stressful environments
  • Provided excellent customer service to members of the community
  • Mentored and trained new hires

Volunteer Firefighter

Active member responding to 911 emergencies. Attend all drills, trainings, and meetings. Trainings and types of calls include EMS, Firefighting, Hazardous materials, Water Rescue, and Vehicle Extrication.

  • Actively assist in training of all department members in technical rope skills and bail out rope systems.
  • Qualified driver and motor pump operator for fire engine.
  • Served as a New York State E.M.T. for three years.

Bettendorf Volunteer Firefighter

Communicated effectively both orally and in writing

  • Understood and carried out verbal and written instructions during high levels of stress
  • Obtained and maintained certification for [company name] 100, 200 and 700 training, Fire Fighter 1, Ice Rescue and Hazardous Materials
  • Met medical and physical agility standards
  • Analyzed and coped with a variety of emergency situations calmly, effectively and quickly to aid in emergency efforts

Volunteer Firefighter/first Responder

Responded to all assigned calls in an appropriate and efficient manner.

  • Worked collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.
  • Assessed, treated and transported individuals using proper techniques, resources and equipment.
  • Upheld highest standard of patient care and professionalism.
  • Maintained ambulance and equipment in a clean, organized and response-ready mode.
  • Provided health care related services such as checking vital signs and securing patients on gurney
  • Maintained files and emergency reports.

Volunteer Firefighter

  • Won the 2006 Firefighter of the year award for [company name]
  • Provided leadership, instruction, and supervision
  • Certified Firefighter 1 and 2
  • Certified in Firefighter Assist and Search Team (F.A.S.T) operations
  • Certified in the use of vehicle extrication tools
  • Certified in low angle rope rescue

Volunteer Firefighter

Perform effectively in high pressure, fast moving situations to protect lives and property

  • Serve on call 24 hours, 7 days a week; participate in training drills and department meetings
  • Advise the Junior Firefighters (age 12-18) organization, instructing drills and meetings
  • Pass Primary, Essential, and Hazardous Materials classes

Volunteer Firefighter

Responded to emergency calls regarding fire and vehicle accidents

  • Performed search and rescue of victims during fire drills and simulations
  • Performed cleaning and maintenance of firefighting equipment
  • Trained in emergency medical care including first-aid and CPR

Volunteer Firefighter

Protection of life and property by combating, extinguishing and preventing fires.

  • Training for and participating in anticipated firefighting duties.
  • Provide emergency care for sick and injured persons.
  • Engage in fire prevention activities on assigned shifts.
  • Conduct routine maintenance of fire apparatus.
  • Drill and train weekly or biweekly in new firefighting techniques and practices.

Volunteer Firefighter

Report as requested to emergency scenes to various provide support services, including SCBA bottle fill, staging, rehab, gross decontamination, lighting and traffic control

  • Support all efforts with regard to fire, mass casualty incident, natural disaster, environmental disaster or Act of God
  • Support the efforts of Fire Prevention, Public Education and Injury Prevention Programs
  • Support the efforts of the Community Relations programs
  • When needed, fulfill the role of support staff at emergency, non-emergency or service call responses
  • Successfully complete periodic reviews and exams
  • As required, ride with shift personnel and assist in scene security and safety

Volunteer Firefighter

  • Preservation of life and property through mitigation of fires, disasters, and medical emergencies.
  • Develop education and skills through continual active on-duty service, and training.
  • Kentucky State/IFSAC Certified Firefighter 1 & 2, HazMat Operations, Confined Space Rescue
  • Certified American Heart Association Instructor - CPR/AED/First Aid
  • Valedictorian - Jefferson County Fire Service Recruit Class #10


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